4-H Youth

Welcome to 4-H! Nationally, over 6 million youth belong to 4-H. In Rensselaer County, we offer local and county-wide 4-H clubs, afterschool 4-H opportunities, connections to 4-H camps and statewide 4-H activities. Visit our pages or call our office to learn more!

Volunteer hands

Volunteer with 4-H!

Volunteers make a great difference in our programs! There are a variety of roles you can choose. Get in touch today and find out how you can be an adult volunteer.

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4-H Clubs

A variety of 4-H Clubs are open to youth aged 5 to 19 in Rensselaer County. Join an existing club, or start a new one in an area of interest! We can help!

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Ag in classroom only

Ag Literacy Week

"Weaving the Rainbow" is the book selection for 2015 Ag Literacy Week, March 16-20th. You can volunteer to read to 2nd graders in a local classroom, here...

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The Clover Chronicle

Check out the latest edition of The Clover Chronicle - a publication written by and for 4-H Youth in Rensselaer County. Browse through our older issues, too!

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Last updated March 2, 2015