4-H Trips

Capital Days- (for youth currently in grades 10-12) This conference provides youth with the opportunity to achieve a better understanding of the New York State policy process, to gain a better understanding of state and local government connections, to meet with legislators and tell their 4-H story, to create an awareness of career opportunities within New York State Government and Public Service, to meet and exchange experiences with delegates from other counties. Delegates are chosen by their county 4-H program. 4-H Capital Days is a NYSACCE4-HE sponsored event.

Wonders of Washington- (for youth in grades 9-12) This week-long conference is held every other year. Delegates are provided with the opportunity to participate in educational tours and workshops that highlight the premier historical, political, and cultural attractions in the Washington D.C. area. Delegates will also visit their elected representative’s office. Some of the educational tours include: the United States Capitol, Library of Congress, National Archives, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Supreme Court, and the Smithsonian.

Cornell Career Explorations- (for youth currently in grades 7-11) This is a three-day event for youth on the Cornell University campus. Delegates will immerse themselves in exploring their future education, career opportunities, and to experience Cornell University and campus life. Cornell faculty and graduate students conduct engaged-learning workshops, over 20 different programs are offered to help youth understand what a particular career field entails, what type of education they would need to pursue, and to learn from the experiences of the Program Facilitator. Youth will be exposed to academic fields and career exploration, develop leadership skills, and provided with hands-on experiences in a college setting while getting acquainted to Cornell University.

Pre-Teen Adventure- (for youth currently in grades 3-6, 8-12 years old)  This event is held annually in July at Dyken Pond Environmental Center.  Youth spend the day exploring the environmental center and in the past have chose to go canoeing and kayaking, practice archery, gone fishing, and created plaster tracks.   

Cloverbud Outing- (for youth currently in grades k-2, 5-8years old)  This event is held annually in July at Dyken Pond Environmental Center.  Youth spend half of day exploring the center and in the past they have engaged in pond studies, bird watching and shelter building. 

The National Youth Summit Series brings together some of the best and brightest students to focus on STEM, agriscience, healthy living, and photography. Designed for high school students in (grades 9 – 12), the Summits provide opportunities to learn technical skills, participate in hands-on activities, workshops, and engage with nationally-recognized leaders.

Students typically attend in groups comprised of two to eight youth and are accompanied by an adult mentor/chaperone. School year 2019-2020 will be our seventh year of programs and the results have been amazing! In school year 2015-2016 our surveys show up to a 47% increase in the number of students who felt after attending a Summit they were more aware of areas of study they could pursue in college relating to their Summit subject matter. The National Youth Summit Series aims to teach lessons students can use for the betterment of their personal lives and communities.

Agri-business Career Conference (ABC Trip)- (For youth 14-19 years old) This annual conference is co-sponsored by NY 4-H, the State University of New York (SUNY) at Cobleskill, and the NYS Farm Bureau Foundation for Education. This two day, career exploration conference usually takes place mid-October at SUNY Cobleskill, and is for those who wish to become more aware of various agriculture opportunities as well as the academic requirements for careers in the agri-businesses field. The conference will feature mini-tours to farms and businesses in the Cobleskill area as well as seminars, guest speakers and guided tours of the SUNY Cobleskill agriculture facilities.

Animal Crackers – (For non-cloverbud aged youth) This annual program usually takes place the first Saturday in May at Cornell, and provides youth with fun, hands-on, science-oriented learning experiences on Animal Science topics. This day of workshops is for 4-H members interested in learning more about their favorite livestock, companion or pet animal species. The emphasis on different species groupings and activities varies annually. Participants will learn about different aspects of animal care, interact and exchange information with faculty, staff, students, professional producers, industry experts, and more, utilizing the unique facilities of Cornell University.

Dairy Discovery – (For youth 14-19 years old) This 1 ½ day trip is held annually at Cornell University in late March. The participants spend their time on campus learning about dairy careers and rotating through a series of hands-on stations which focus on a specific aspect of the dairy field. The focus of the Dairy Discovery workshops changes each year but includes the following areas: Dairy Herd Health and Management, Calf and Heifer Production Management, Quality Milk and Milk Production, Whole Farm Management Planning, and Maximizing the Feed Management Program.

Dairy Visions – (For youth 14-16 years old) This every other year program is for those interested in discovering exciting opportunities in the dairy industry. Dairy Visions exposes youth to local leaders in the dairy industry who serve as an example of the exciting future the dairy industry can provide. The program will consist of a series of hands-on workshops and educational trips that expose young people to many facets of the dairy industry. In general, these activities will take place during 7 or 8 weekends between October and July. Some of the activities and topics will include: Team- building, Dairy Nutrition, Farm Visits and Hands on Workshops, Cornell University “Dairy Discovery Day” and campus tour, Tours of agribusinesses, and an out of state overnight trip. Upon completing the program, participants will be awarded a diploma at graduation and will leave with the experiences and knowledge they have gained about the dairy industry. Additionally, they will be well positioned to continue in the statewide “Junior Dairy Leader” program, sponsored by Cornell University, if they choose.

National Dairy Conference – (For youth grades 10-12, 15-18 years of age) This four-day, annual conference is held in Madison, Wisconsin towards the end of September or beginning of October. The purpose of the National 4-H Dairy Conference is to provide an educational program for better understanding of the operations involved in the production, processing, marketing, and use of dairy products; to provide a means by which youth can achieve educational objectives based on the developmental needs of youth; & to provide a broader understanding of careers available in dairy production, processing, marketing, and selected areas.

Ag Tour Day – (For youth and adults 12+ years of age) The purpose of this day long trip is to give youth and adults the opportunity to learn about local Ag-businesses. The trip will take place in late summer, early fall, and the farms and other businesses visited will vary each year.


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