crab apples
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Fresh cut fruits and vegetables, on the United States Department of Agriculture
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"After the Rain" by Steve Harwood
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Vegetable & Fruit

Rensselaer County leads the district in commercial vegetable production. From organic to hoop houses, fresh market vegetable acreage and number of farmers are increasing rapidly. With every food safety scare, the local farmer’s markets increase in sales. This program is geared to work with the range of types and vegetables grown in the area. From variety testing, to fertilizer applications, to tillage/cover crop systems, the program works on a holistic approach.


Vegetable Production

Fruit Production

Organic Production

Nutrient Management



Chuck Bornt
ENYCHP Team Leader, Extension Regional Vegetable Specialist
(518) 272-4210 ext 125

Last updated July 26, 2019